Fitting to the Body – 14th Century Fashion Trend

14th century clothingThe biggest development of the 14th century was the move from flat, draped garments belted for shape to the cutting of curved pieces with more complex construction to fit the body—the beginning of tailoring. Closures, especially buttons, became more important, used on new front openings and along very tight long sleeves. Close fitting revealed men’s and  women’s figures to great effect: sideless surcoats drew attention to slim waists and new waist seams, and low  belts emphasized the hips. Chests looked larger—both sexes made use of padding. Colors began to contrast instead of match, and parti-coloring became popular. Many believe that changes in “fashion” began increasing  in speed from this time. Clothing had tended to reflect one’s place in society. However, a greater variety of fabrics and accessories, such as hoods, belts, veils, gloves, and shoes, made it possible to blur social distinctions.

14th century clothing

14th century clothingMedieval Period Clothing





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